Thursday, October 16, 2014

when the world turns gray

Teary eyes, running nose, barking cough, itchy throat, aching body - oh well, life.
I have to deepen my awareness that I am a soul.
Being a soul-conscious, I am still positive despite the not so good feeling that my body feels.
My body needs to relax. My mind needs to meditate.

On a different note, yesterday was a wonderful experience at the museum, with of course, my buddy, my lover, my best friend, Keoni - my camera. The original schedule states that Wednesday is volunteering day, however, due to sudden change of events and thirst for art, my feet brought me to the place I love, the museum.

I love visiting museums, art galleries, libraries & antique shops. I love any spaces with beautiful hidden treasures. I love staring and absorbing the beauty of the variety of masterpiece and the beauty of words. There is an awesome connection I feel with the paintings, photographs, books and all other forms of art.

From within, I believe I was born to be an artist. In my own simple yet special ways, I will continue to strengthen what God has given me. My purpose in life is to bring out the artist that God intended me to be. ♥

sending you all good vibes,
edzzie ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Law of Attraction

I am blessed, happy, grateful and healthy.
I attract wealth, good people, wonderful opportunities.
I have a beautiful house, with a pretty library, rooftop and a garden.
I am travelling the world.
Europe, is my second home.
I am an artist known for my inspiring, moving, touching images.
I am a phenomenal photographer and a writer.
My family is living with happiness, satisfaction and a good health.
I am a meditation practitioner.
I cook. I bake. I swim. I bike. I run.
Love and peace is my way of life.
I am passionate about life.
I am active in charity and philanthropy works.
I am living my life the best way I can.
I am always pleasing God.

sharing you all the greatness and happiness,
your soul-sister, edzzie

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Classmates and I were rushing every day to reach the university before seven to prepare for the most challenging subject we ever had. From the moment you stepped into the room, all you could hear were ticking of heels, whispering of seatmates, and a several deep breaths from the faces full of anxiety and fear. One must slapped his/her face or pinched one's skin big time just to make sure you were at your 100%. Any moment the professor would ask something he only knew happened, like a  topic on page 7 of a national newspaper. Days like these were more of hoping and praying to all the saints, that your name wouldn't be mentioned and...Boom! "Edz, Please stand up. What's your point of view about the news on page 3 of Philippine Daily Inquirer today? I felt like stuck in my seat, and wishing I had a magic to disappear, but no...

From the time I reached home, I would buy that stupid newspaper, and memorized all the crazy news I didn't care about. Or there were days, we had daily exams, and the class highest score was 3 or 4 out of 10/15. Cray. The best part was reporting. This felt like make or break part of our college days. Before the reporting began, you memorized everything you would say and the moment you started speaking in front of the professor, it felt like you suddenly had amnesia or mental blackout. Then, to make things worst, the professor started to interrupt and to disagree...doomsday! Time to pack and leave. Now.

Fortunately, the professor doesn't hate me. He would interrupt but never disagree to what I have to say. Lucky me. But I had few classmates he hated. Sadly, they failed the subject couple of times. I wasn't sure if it was something personal or what, they just didn't get along.

As for me, I am beyond grateful to this professor. Passing his subject felt like such a great accomplishment. He pushed us beyond our limits. He made us realized the importance of discipline and courage. I also admired my professor. He wasn't loved by many, but I liked him. He was intelligent, strict, creative and weird. He has a different world and that makes him pretty interesting.

This is one of the hundreds of wonderful memories we had in college. There were to many to mention (now).  Thanks to this self-made writing challenge, I will have the motivation to share the major ones in the next blog sessions.

 hugs & kisses,
edzzie ;)