Monday, September 1, 2014

lovely afternoon at work

Sipping my lukewarm pure green tea, pampering my ears with melodious music, delighting my eyes with my enchanting travel photos on my desk, and yes, I am at work. I love enjoying simple things in life. Finding beautiful things in ordinary. There are a bunch. Just look around, you'll be amazed.

Lately, I have been reading books of the phenomenal, legendary woman, Maya Angelou. I am amazingly moved by her beautiful words. Sometimes, when the other side of me is looking for fictional characters, I read John Green and Nicholas Sparks' books.

And yes, I continue my meditation sessions and after work jogs. I stopped my swimming lessons for a while to give way to my volunteering activities with Childhope Asia.

I'll be posting few photos soon... 

Today, is my first day of my 21 Days Writing Challenge. Strongly, I want to make writing as a habit. This time, I am sticking. I'll be writing as much as I can, anything under the sun, everyday.

edzzie ;)

I am in ♥ with you...