Thursday, October 16, 2014

when the world turns gray

Teary eyes, running nose, barking cough, itchy throat, aching body - oh well, life.
I have to deepen my awareness that I am a soul.
Being a soul-conscious, I am still positive despite the not so good feeling that my body feels.
My body needs to relax. My mind needs to meditate.

On a different note, yesterday was a wonderful experience at the museum, with of course, my buddy, my lover, my best friend, Keoni - my camera. The original schedule states that Wednesday is volunteering day, however, due to sudden change of events and thirst for art, my feet brought me to the place I love, the museum.

I love visiting museums, art galleries, libraries & antique shops. I love any spaces with beautiful hidden treasures. I love staring and absorbing the beauty of the variety of masterpiece and the beauty of words. There is an awesome connection I feel with the paintings, photographs, books and all other forms of art.

From within, I believe I was born to be an artist. In my own simple yet special ways, I will continue to strengthen what God has given me. My purpose in life is to bring out the artist that God intended me to be. ♥

sending you all good vibes,
edzzie ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Law of Attraction

I am blessed, happy, grateful and healthy.
I attract wealth, good people, wonderful opportunities.
I have a beautiful house, with a pretty library, rooftop and a garden.
I am travelling the world.
Europe, is my second home.
I am an artist known for my inspiring, moving, touching images.
I am a phenomenal photographer and a writer.
My family is living with happiness, satisfaction and a good health.
I am a meditation practitioner.
I cook. I bake. I swim. I bike. I run.
Love and peace is my way of life.
I am passionate about life.
I am active in charity and philanthropy works.
I am living my life the best way I can.
I am always pleasing God.

sharing you all the greatness and happiness,
your soul-sister, edzzie