Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10th: back to raja yoga class

I got off from work on a rainy Tuesday afternoon and my feet brought me to Brahma Kumaris Center where I officially started again my raja yoga class. After taking a quite long stop, the soul within is urging me to be back.

Let me share few insights we had:

- what is the difference of a body and a soul consciousness
- how to define oneself
- what are the advantages of having an awareness

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9th: the cutie geek

This morning, I was rushing on my way to the jeep station, I saw someone from afar. The geek that got my attention several times before. I've been seeing him anywhere, at the most unexpected times. Uhm, remember what I shared on my previous posts? I have something for 'nerds/geeks'...

I was't staring closely, but as he found a seat in the jeep, I found him sitting in front of me. My gosh. You know, there are certain days when you are at your most unprepared look, then suddenly, a moment like this happens. Cray.

Now, I just set few morning goals.Wake up 15 minutes earlier to look a little bit - ready. Most importantly, do not leave the house with a tangled hair. Not cool.

For sure, I will be seeing him quite often as he lives just a few blocks away. I think a simple inspiring thing to look forward every morning makes life pretty interesting.  =)

Om Shanti,

Monday, September 8, 2014

8th: out for a mission

Oh well, I missed few posts from 5th to 7th. But it's fine, let the writing challenge continue...


5th of September, I had a street photography with a dear friend, Jackie and a new-found friend, John, from Childhope Asia.

It feels great when you're given a chance to do volunteering and street photography at the same time. These are one of those activities I am truly passionate about.

Last Friday, I got off from work at around noontime. As I was striding going to our meeting point, I could feel the heat deep down my skin, it became worst when the sun glanced at me, walking, alone, fast as I could, missing something - an umbrella. Ahh.

I met my friend, time to catch up. Then, time was reminding us to keep things going as we needed to visit Childhope office and the church where we were going to meet, John, the Street Educator.

I had one of my longest walks ever as we had dilemma how to reach our destination, but faith brought us to where we should be. We began our street photography after the feeding session with the Childhope's street kids.

We roamed around Manila area. I met number of street children. I used to treat them as strangers, but this time, I was given a chance to have a bit of bonding with them. You know, there is something in photography that connects people.

With number of photographs, conversations, moments shared, I saw bunch of genuine smiles, and that means a lot. I could feel a pat on my back, saying:

My child, you are making Me proud. - God

Moments like these - make life worth living for.

Om Shanti,